Functions at the Cavern Club


So you’re thinking of hosting a function at Wellington’s coolest little rock n roll bar? 

We like you already! Also, we have one of the best deals in town... Of course, some conditions do apply.

How it works...
  • The Cavern Club is one of the only Wellington venues that has no venue hire and no minimum spend if you book on a Friday or Saturday between 5pm and 10.30pm. We are available for bookings on the other 5 days of the week but booking outside of our normal trading hours will incur a charge.

  • We offer $6 and $10 drink specials tailored to the tastes and preferences of the hosts and attendees. These can include; house beers, spirits, wines, and cocktails.

  • If you and your guests require sustenance during your partying and mingling (most people usually do) we have a selection of delicious, deep fried platters to choose from. These platters can contain a selection of; Fries, spring rolls, samosas, and chicken bites. Small and large platters are $20 and $30 respectively. You are also more than welcome to bring your own food if you so desire.

  • We can comfortably fit around 100 bodies in here but our absolute maximum is120.

  • If you are lucky enough to secure a private function with us you and your attendees will have exclusive access to the premises until 10.30pm, full access to our sound systems and house lighting, and you can hijack our wall-mounted televisions with embarrassing photos and videos of your guests of honour.  

Just a few minor legal things...
  • Even though you have booked the place out, have hired a hot-pink stretch limo for you and your mates to rock up to the party in, and have recruited a private security agency to work the door, we are still under the scrutiny of the law and our staff are still expected to do their jobs!

    • Don't forget to remind yourself and your guests to bring some form of legal identification (don't be offended if you're asked for identification, it just means our staff reckon you look under 25). All the legally accepted forms of identification are:

      • Current NZ Drivers License​

      • Current NZ or international passports

      • Current Hospitality NZ 18+ card

    • Our license requires that all minors must be accompanied by either a parent or a legal guardian (carrying the appropriate documentation) up until 11pm at which point all minors will have to head off.​ They don't have to go home, but don't let us tell you how to parent. They still have to leave though...

    • No alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 18, no matter what uncle Jeff reckons.

    • We will also not serve alcohol to anyone that we believe to be intoxicated and that person will be required to leave the premises, no matter what uncle Jeff reckons.

    • Food and free water will always be available so just inquire with a friendly bartender if you require some :)

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Now you have read everything you need to know about booking with us...